we are all just sheep
enjoying green pastures
as they turn yellow and brown

we are all just sheep
waiting for our shepherd
to lead us to greener grass

some of us sheep see
the shepherd as savior
come to guide our precious flock

beyond this old pen
in which we’re ever locked
we need this supreme savior

to redeem our souls
to free us from this field
from this ever-dwindling yield

for we are simply sheep
whose savior safely keep
from the evils that shall reap

but look, our own wool
is sadly overgrown
hidden from our sheepy eyes

this wolf in disguise
he’s no sheep flock’s shepherd
but dastard demon spurge

under key and lock
this wolf devours our flock
more and more each passing day

yet to this dire wolf
we sacrifice our kind
because we are so wool-blind

and when our fellow sheep
dare to baa or peep
that our shepherd is the devil

we attack them back
subscribe to wolf-told lies
to preserve our wool-filled eyes

so precious is this myth
that this dire dire wolf
is our beloved savior

that we divide our flock
into saviored and the damned
we fail to see the disguise

there is only us
we are all one sheep
the savored and the lambed

the only demon
is the dire dastard wolf
we must wake our flock

lest we all do
the wolf’s bidding
and slay our flock ourselves

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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  1. Tents says:

    Nice one thanks for sharing


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