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gradient glow

dalíesque daylightdances at dawnvisual violet violinsform fuchsia fugue fringe orchid orchestraplays a scenic songvariations and memesstretching across the sky wild strokes of geniuswithin the gradient glowhover on each horizonbirds begin to flow

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octogenerous archivistgiving away their goldgifting what they hold historical artifact artistsharing precious harvesttheir bounty truly marvelous an octogenarian in spadesgardening the good and badsshoveling stripes and plaids octogenerous philanthropistecho photo album trystslowly checked off their list

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it started innocentlya little dose of yypthe resultswere plain to seetwo lines the same then the duplicitouswhole shebang yGGpthe file doubledbut be not troubledeach half’s the same but then there camethe groups like y%Pand all its friendsand then their rendsand … Continue reading

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