three rabbits of the bunnylypse

three bunnies of benediction
send good luck into the world
this trio with a predilection
for patterns striped and swirled
they prepare for celebration
a thousand prayer flags unfurled

every new month’s eve
the bunnies gather in their warren
chanting prayers of peace
fishing for well wishing
they prepare a monthly message
to distribute on the breeze

they call their bunny warden
well versed in bunny diction
request a new translation
for their message to be heard
then on the new month’s morn’
rabbit rabbit rabbit can be heard

may your month be rich in blessings
even clothed in simple dressings
the spoils of your toil
harvested from the soil
and join the rabbit trio
with a bunn dance for abundance

three bunnies of benedict ellipse
send blessings out to you
so hop hop hop for hope hope hope
work to bring dreams to fruition
join the monthly tide of
three rabbits of the bunnylypse

(_/) (_/) (_/)
( ••) (••) (•_• )
/ >🍀 /🎁\ 🍒< \

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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