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Finding rhymes with rhymer and grep

So when a friend asked about rhyming with taxing, I thought of a couple words, and the two other things I resort to when I cannot think of a rhyme. 1. — I used to use it much more … Continue reading

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halfwich and demiwich

is a half sandwich not half of a sandwich? ambiguity makes me twitch i must know which wich is which which half of a sandwich is a halfwich? the left half of the knife or the right? not a halfwitted … Continue reading

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mad hummer

whether autumn, winter, spring, or summer some found my behavior a bit of a bummer i could have been a strummer or a drummer but they used to call me the mad hummer within my head a soundtrack always playing … Continue reading

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Wave Particle Duality

I am delighted to announce that Wave Particle Duality has been published as an ebook by Ajna Press. Please see the announcement. It is available at the following places. This second edition is available as an ebook via: Amazon Kindle Apple’s … Continue reading

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because we all are birbs flying and flitting around it is easy for us to forget we fly upon the same sky and feed upon the same seed

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adore your door

as much as you may adore or abhor the days that came before would you truly say today’s an utter bore just makes you want to snore when tomorrow comes a’knocking like a raven at your door do you shout … Continue reading

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the droning of the drizzle makes my hair slowly frizzle but if the downpour hits my head when i should’ve gone to bed my hair will go completely straight unless it’s tied up in a plait the splendor of januarain … Continue reading

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