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Happy New Year

Happy 2456293.5 ≤ t < 2456658.5!!! (i.e. Happy New Year 2013!) With hopes that you have a prosperous, productive, plentiful, healthful, bountiful, blessed, splendiferous, scrumdidliumptuous year ahead!

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hallowed bloom

hallowed bloom hushed haloed moon in lieu of snow noctilucent rainbow puts on a show hallowed bloom gushed haloed moon cirrus refraction gives us some action magnificent attraction hallowed bloom blushed haloed moon far exceeding twenty-two degrees if this munificent … Continue reading

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he came in a box as his brethren have before his nail waiting on the wall and so he is hung out in the cold for decor thick-skinned fortitude his shawl round moon hears him bay glowing green in the … Continue reading

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rosemary’s locks

her claws cling to crested cliff she lets out neither cry nor sniff yet her darling fragrance do i whiff hanging purple blossomed rosemary dangling from nook and cranny shivers in the winter wind her pleasant pungent twang reminds me … Continue reading

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Barry’s beach

my dear friend barry does the hula in hawaii some people find it scary so far from mainland be though the tropix taste quite delicious for awakened souls well aware he who has weathered rough seas leeward lands has chosen … Continue reading

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i heard the grape leaves chiming

punctuation is for perverts who want to see all a poem’s secrets revealed and sprawled before them capitalization is for lazy capitalists who want every word’s value blatantly branded on the label would you wrangle prime words to engage those … Continue reading

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Happy Solstice!

Happy Solstice! Happy transit of Venus (for Cassini and Saturnites; ours was back in June)! And… the moment so many have been waiting for: Happy Mayan Long Count! May the fourteenth b’ak’tun treat you well! I hope that the … Continue reading

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biphasic nychthemeron

i have entered the repeated realm daze of twisty little passages all alike each day and night i live through twice into the continuum it all will splice biphasic beatitudes palindromic platitudes nascent nychthemeron beckoning beacon christened chimeron dragon’s cauldron … Continue reading

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