muse thief

have you blown a fuse

someone stolen your muse

it is time to choose

what have you got to lose

find that thief of muses

reclaim your inspiration

demand when he refuses

bring your muse sweet liberation

stoke your inner furnace

ante up and fan your flames

cast off the creative blindness

embrace the wild vastness

dance with your muse into the night

let your feathered fancy take flight

all your muse’s friends invite

make your phoenix wings ignite

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hyena doors

hyena doors mock me

stutter closed with their

heinous cackle

block my way

and there they stay

glaring at me

their cackling laughter

echoes in my soul

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my moon marches on

i glide beneath

great towering palms

their arms raised high

to meet the sky

they wait in praise

of the sun who’s not there

gone to bless others

the wind slowly wuthers

i glide beneath

their arms like shutters

the moon flashes above

in luminous stutters

i bask in the glow

of the bright orb

who shines like an angel

with hopscotch hiccups

the palms fly by

like a zoetrope






my moon marches on

in the clear inky sky

this morning she moves me

like a swat at a fly

i’m up with the earlies

those boisterous birds

every one pro verb

after likeminded worms

sweet fragrance of cassia

teases my nose

as the fabled atlassia

lifts my tingling toes

and i look to the moon

she still makes me swoon

like an angel

with hiccups

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she carved a vision

with deft precision

cutting away

with each incision

all that was not dragon queen

each piece chosen to stay

thinks it was its own decision

each faction has their way

which steers them to grave division

with each stroke the queen preens

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it started with a glowing wheel

perfection for your eyes to feel

then someone saw it fit to steal

skymice scurry every night

while the wheel is in flight

moonmice nibble as they please

from the top edge they tease

eat away the glowing wheel of cheese

a little later every night

the moon cries of its plight

try as it might to fight

but moonmice nibble in morning light

halfway gone from my sight

i fear the worst shall happen soon

the night there will be no more moon

no glowing wheel after which i swoon

i shake my fist high

cry into the sky

and beg the moonmice

to please be nice

for if they eat the last piece

hungrier than galactic geese

from the moon they shall fall

but they do not heed my call

so when the mice have had their fill

devoured their celestial pill

then the moon shall slowly grow

a little more each night shall show

and once again the night shall glow

but such delicious they cannot forego

and so new skymice shall congregate

though their elders ate their fate

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yo yo toast

beyond mere bread

it simply must be said

a loaf would want to boast

when you give it a little roast

when you’re brown and crispy

lady diana thinks you’re nifty

so get broiling in a jiffy

oh toast, dear toast, darling toast

she loves you the most

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Happy February

Rabbit! Rabbit!! Rabbit!!!

Whether January seemed to flash by like a jackrabbit or crawled slowly like a reluctant groundhog from its winter burrow, I hope that February is a rewarding and healthful month for you and yours. Best wishes in all you do and blessings to you throughout the month!

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