gradient glow

dalíesque daylight
dances at dawn
visual violet violins
form fuchsia fugue fringe

orchid orchestra
plays a scenic song
variations and memes
stretching across the sky

wild strokes of genius
within the gradient glow
hover on each horizon
birds begin to flow

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octogenerous archivist
giving away their gold
gifting what they hold

historical artifact artist
sharing precious harvest
their bounty truly marvelous

an octogenarian in spades
gardening the good and bads
shoveling stripes and plaids

octogenerous philanthropist
echo photo album tryst
slowly checked off their list

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it started innocently
a little dose of yyp
the results
were plain to see
two lines the same

then the duplicitous
whole shebang yGGp
the file doubled
but be not troubled
each half’s the same

but then there came
the groups like y%P
and all its friends
and then their rends
and what remains

for sentences and curlies
your fingers going swirly
your prose to coalesce
the keyboard you caress
with six’s sure finesse

but then you have a gooey
and you get all mousey
but the rhythm’s still inside you
you resort to strings and arrows
and long for vi and yyp

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gecko child
pretty wild
gecko echo
cutely styled

little sir gecko
how do you do
your climbing walls
with forces van der Waals

it’s truly pretty neat-y
how your tiny setae
on your little feet-y
ridged like rigati ziti

stick to stucco
or a truck-o
gecko toes
i suppose

yes gecko toes
are as close
as i knows
to antigravitoes

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ones of love

there lived a quiet hero
this ship they did a steer-o
back in seven echo zero
before the maelstrom of nero

now in seven echo four
what shall we have in store
not what we here abhor
but something truly more

this is not a story of one
but our pluribussy sum
together we all must come
as we all learn to run

this marathon is long
together we all throng
help each other become strong
and unite in choral song

for our voices shall all blend
our perspectives we shall bend
on each other we depend
precious time together we spend

help each other hand and glove
no one below or above
nurture every crying dove
daughters, sons, and ones of love

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fierce flood
clear blood
flowing mud
crowned crud

five beasts
one priest
orb released
vault fleeced

monsters roar
goblets pour
secret store
brings more

vicious vortex
steeped hex
varmints vex
muscles flex

feathers flewed
beasts brewed
glory eschewed
righteous dude

valkyrie rides
on cosmic tides
flood subsides
peace abides

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aunt aphrodite

she sails in beauty
in the shore of night
many hear her entreaty
compelled, take flight

they throng out to space
beyond our blue womb
embark on a race
that could lead to doom

our surface is thin
mother Gaia’s loom
beyond our own skin
space has plenty room

across the black ocean
her beauty attracts
impels devotion
we forge sacred pacts

dear aunt Aphrodite
wears a vitriol veil
all melty and crushy
even space-hardened snail

drones hug the surface
harvest her wealth
stream bounty upward
with adequate stealth

great skybound ocean
of sulfuric clouds
provide ample carbon
to sentient shrouds

Venusian sailors
cruise sixty klicks up
surf upper prevailers
and there dip our cup

then comes second wave
then third and the fourth
the bold and the brave
to the Venus fleets pour’th

we drink from her beauty
albedo our fuel
reflected from sulfur
to power our schools

for those back on Gaia
we dim not the light
our aunt Aphrodite
is ever as bright

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venus song

Venus rising
Mars up high
desert quiet
under predawn sky

watchful geckos
have gone to bed
riotous echos
bounce in my head

the streets are quiet
but the highways buzz
the streets want what will be
dumpsters take out what was

Venus rising
Mars up high
desert quiet
under predawn sky

Venus shines
upon us all
she sings in rhymes
may we hear her call

Venus glows
within our hearts
her music flows
may we learn our parts

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spidery spell

my love is like a spider
who weaves wondrous webs
leaves details unsaid

your gift is like a glider
whose lift fills my sails
until joy prevails

my muse is like a miner
digging deeper beneath
ego’s hardened sheath

your love is a provider
cautiously bargained loot
freshly gardened fruit

my heart is drunk on cider
such necterrific gold
soothes my weary soul

your presence steers me wider
so the world becomes more real
in all we share and feel

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wings of summer

it was way before august
when the lone locust
appeared near the door

was it a scout sent out
like that first raindrop
brazen before the storm

locust-planted seedling
sprouts like a lotus
from the mud of my mind

not a week later
another night visitor
came to our threshold

i still feel the buzz
of that sole cicada
echoing through my soul

fierce beating wings
surely set to summon
its long buried brethren

dastard dart zigged and zagged
like thrashing tuna trapped
within a shark-filled shoal

oh dear sweltering summer
still you wear your crown of thorns
prickly spires like tiny horns

battalions of bark beasties
sap-sucking feasties
set the nights astorm

bacteria rending wingsies
protect the buzzing frenzies
from stillness, silence shorn

the locusts come in swarms
desert dust swirls, devils form
pray for summer storms

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