flickering fog

the flickering fog
warms you like a blanket
such a simmering snog
but you cannot spank it

for the fog is ephemeral
swiftly swirling vectors
not animal veg nor mineral
semi-intangible specters

shimmering wavelets
pulsing clouds of light
distributed droplets
shine within the night

each cloudlet hovers
at the edges of sight
fractal of the covers
that hold you tight

just outside the margins
the vapors hide their capers
upholding ethereal shims
evading reality’s scrapers

but you cannot see beyond
these illusions they create
without a wooden wand
this fog the senses sate

that which offers comfort
soothes the curious eyes
thus the fog’s purport
serves as sure disguise

it warms you like a blanket
enjoy the flickering fog
for you shall never shake it
its ever simmering snog

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alligator rhythms

i can hear those
alligator rhythms
brewing in the lake

alligator rhythms
have a certain style
you can’t mistake

their songs start slow
like they’re counting out time
subtle like a snake

but as the tempo stirs
gotta give their tails
a little shake

then they’re raucous
like reptilian rockets
ain’t got time to bake

get it while it’s fresh
the rhythms go wild
as the song begins to quake

tail feathers flying
as the tempo picks up
leaving ripples in their wake

everyone hears the tune
aflutter and ajitter
now the whole pond’s awake

everything’s hot once those
alligator rhythms
are clearly real not fake

you’d better be fast
cuz them alligator rhythms
don’t want cake only steak

dance fast and far cuz those
gator rhythms eat up
all that they can take

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forest of rain

a forest made of rain
sang to a sky full of trees
but the trees paid no heed
they merely do as they please

branches rose from their puddles
twigs twizzled their puzzles
for this forest of rain
had so much to explain

for they only knew
one way to love
with all they do
like a gift that flew

the trees drank the song
a potion so strong
then the rain forest
was hard to resist

when all was absorbed
the forest was stored
inside all those trees
who first had ignored

these trees of the sky
reached higher than high
to plead for a song
they waited so long

one morning dark clouds
sent thunder so loud
the sky trees shuddered
this tease now uttered

the trees sang a song
to the dark cloud throng
and beckoned the rain
to offer refrain

down poured a forest
without pause or rest
until the dry ground
was drenched in sound

this forest made of rain
need never explain
their gift that flew
to the trees they grew

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trillion tumbles

my morning sky cries
a trillion tumbles
the rain song is wise
full of hows and whys
morning train rumbles
a hundred goodbyes
the downpour bumbles
ridiculous lies
meaningful mumbles
descend from the skies
while i hum surprise
foisting my fumbles
as songs in disguise

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she wears the universe

she wears the universe with style
the cosmos flows about her
galaxies glow and stars shine
within the fabric of her dress

she wears the blackness of space
as nebulas grace her face
clusters shine within her eyes
the stars reflect her smile

she carries a bag of planets
with all she needs inside
moons and planets like ornaments
adorn the space she rides

she flows through time and space
with unparalleled grace
in her parallaxed traces
along her cosmic races

she gathers in her travels
artifacts of many worlds
stories woven and raveled
memories plaited and swirled

she sings the music of her spheres
as worlds transform with passing years
she sends her songs through the cosmos
encapsulated in her tears

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skyborne spirits
descend upon us
in simple stylings
they dress their flyings

such tiny blessings
arrive in great multitudes
such sweet sounds
caress the ground

liquid ringlets of time
play rhythm and rhyme
their flocks hear their call
from cloud nests they fall

undulating droplet songs
sprinkle waves of delight
throughout the day
into the night

loquacious puddles
congregate in huddles
collecting on concrete
yet into soil they seep

these spirits flow deep
waking roots from their sleep
give voice to stems and leaves
a chorus of shrubs and trees

earth puddle and sky
share in their joyous cries
spirits of spritzing
bring the night zing

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squall hands

when my heart is in your hands
would you open your fingers
and let my heart
flow away like sand

if your eyes are on your hands
lids and lashes upon each palm
will you reach out
and survey the land

when you don’t like what you see
will you close your fingers
to make a fist
and hide from me

what do you hear with your fingers
your pulse like the bass line
melodies in every surface
within the air they linger

listening for a long-lost song
you point, you wave
in hopes to hear
fumbling for the singing throng

when your brains are in your hands
what you take, when we shake
everything’s at stake
careful how you take a stand

so reach out with your all
everything within your call
heart eyes ears brains like a squall
you shall rise even when you fall

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doctor whood

that aura you exude
when you’ve been Doctor who’d
you’re in a Doctor mood
and you become Doctor Ood

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she was a low grade believer
with a temperamental fever

as the winter winds blew through her
she covered herself in fur

her forked tongue flicked the desert air
she hissed this weather wasn’t fair

new moon calls to the scorpion
heralding hecate’s halcyon

the season sets the coming scene
a table for the feast unseen

spinning stars draw designs
the brumal wind refines

in shadows of starlight’s glimmer
the distant cries of summer
called out from afar
trapped in canning jar

she was a wild inbetweener
with her seismographic fever

mood swings from day to night
fracture wrong from right

but we know she shall not stay
beyond the frenzy of the fray

she thrives on the flux
the wake of long-gone ducks

but for all we may abhor
she brings us more which we adore

for change is her middle name
and her unrivaled claim to fame

oh dear beloved autumn
may you ever make us hum

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our river

a river flows within us
each one of us a stream
we may not feel the flux
we may not see the dream

our river she meanders
eroding silts and sanders
she polishes our essence
with mud and effervescence

sometimes we are connected
our streams well intersected
we flow together to the whole
‘long steep and shallow shores

am i-you a pond of stillness
or a lake that harbors illness
disconnected from the flow
evaporation eats our souls

sometimes i am a puddle
or a dried up patch of muddle
an old forgotten oxbow
from a dried up distant dream

when you are shy and meek
you trickle like a creek
when you babble like a brook
you could catch the river’s hook

then when we flow together
it matters not the weather
for we are one with the rain
evaporation is not pain

our river flows within us
each one of us a stream
together we can be the flux
as one we create the dream

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