whenever i see

october tenth

and eleventh

standing side by side

written all decimalish

10-10 or 10/10

10-11 or 10/11

i want to eat

their punctuation

the tenth 1010

eleventh 1011

in binaryese

they stand alone

ten and eleven

side by side

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cloudy cratons

flat bottomed fortresses

mountains of the sky

towering above the heartland

colors tease the eye

ceremonial headdresses

fountains that can fly

hovering above the sea of sand

upon a million dreams they spy

sunsets sketched with crayons

cloudy cratons that can cry

all the answers hover here

you dare not ask them why

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defied not deified

expectations defied, not deified

possibilities plumbed

challenges succumbed

naysayers denied

but not for the downthumbed

the majesty not downdumbed

but victory of transcendence

beyond the bounds

dispelling the doubts

defying the deniers

but to create what burns

in these seeds which grow

from the passion within

rooted in the deepest nooks

cuddled in the craggiest crannies

of your soul

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was it your intention

to buy a bit of attention

could it be preseason pretension

that deserves another mention

we are all merchants of attention

each of us buyers of contention

hawking our wares at time’s market

each tale and tapestry

woven with thread and ribbon of intention

we are masters of invention

compliant and defiant of convention

our creatives put in detention

fools freed by circumvention

we are all merchants of attention

each of us buyers of contention

stealing spicy slices of prevention

from the deli of mere mention

some have seen supposed revelation

within the valley of validation

seeking elusive redemption

from the dozen dams of damnation

playing roulette with casual abstention

while any serious suggestion

from the rivers of rapture

dastard dams had sought to capture

broken free by avalanche of attention

from languishing lakes of retention

rage the rivers of redemption

are you still selling sweet seduction

of the powers of deduction

is the new deluge of division

fomenting furtive fiction

murmurs of introspection

the nymph sees in its reflection

placid waters despoiled by suction

as the wells of deep induction

run dry from dereliction

when they hear a benediction

at the market of fact and fiction

have you bought some fabled friction

have you dabbled in inclusion

ignited sustainable new fusion

are you selling an infusion

brewed of myth and rapt illusion

are you still seeking absolution

wrapped in riddles of confusion

how have you woven your intention

in mantras wrapped in repetition

where do you hold your attention

when you need an intervention

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did we devise divisive devices

or did these branches of this forest

sprout from latent seeds

planted long ago

buried by silt and snow

every expert offers advices

some are fluid like wind blown leaves

some trees lean with the breeze

and others are deeply rooted

in compost of ages passed

a whippoorwill calls and entices

birds of various feathers

to congregate at its tree

another sings a song that enlightens

some squirrels and birds

gather near, with twigs and berries

some bring empty beaks and cheeks

while others drag all they can carry

many roost within ample branches

fur and feather, scales and chitin

all who dwell here join leaf and lichen

as solemn sun

sets on moonless night

the many as one

rekindle lost light

within each soul

and from each troll

the fires of storied lives

ignite the night

and from the forest set ablaze

a ring of watchers

fight through the haze

not to help our tangled forest

but to roast marshmallows

upon our woes

yet as all forests

soon shall do

the smoke of grief

fire-parched tears of loss

our ash of regret

shall in time turn

to fertile ground

for another round

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muses fuses

Muses light fuses

Some enlighten

Some confuses

Muses make us chooses

Between good choices

And bad voices

Muses have their uses

Between blessings and abuses

Betwixt engines and cabooses

Muses one refuses

Could be whatsis and whosis

Old historics and new newses

But no matter what one chooses

Whether mundane or fizzy floozes

Listen to your muses

Take care of blazing fuses

Avoid the traps of ruses

Then act as you dooses

What you chooses

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oh yes, my precious

i wear you

you feel more than good

you feel divine

as i succumb to your power

i am surrounded

by your cool enveloping embrace

i submit to this bliss

wrapped within your shadows

and in your armor

i can sustain

the onslaught

of the blazing rain

that falls nearby

its hot fiery tongues

just beyond your shroud

thank you, my precious

my shade, for shielding me

from the beastly dragon

of another ovenlike day

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