my bucket runneth over
overflown with tears
that rained down forever
and kept inside for years

what once were tears of love
now pour forth in grief
lost neither crow nor dove
but babies stol’n by cruel thief

heart’s reservoir runs low
as tattered feathers fade
the ache weighs down the show
taint memories remade

from deep within a scowl
this voice lets out a howl
echoes off these empty walls
within this skin my spirit crawls

such precious lives now lost
lay bare this hollow heart
that bears such heavy cost
when these belov’d depart

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downed dovelette

have you seen my love yet
oh my dear little dovelette
laid and due to hatch soon

alas i see the sadness
autumn wears a cruel dress
long before these wings had flewn

like a fallen deck of cards
shell shattered into shards
doves above coo a dirge-ful tune

upon the clay, white découpage
coup de grâce or coup d’état
or the tug of a jealous moon

the ebb of life unstoppable
brings flap to the unflappable
for some have flown too soon

when does a dove
become a dove
at first peck
cracking of the shell
or rumblings deep inside
first peep or chirp or coo
first flap or hop or flight
or murmurs out of sight

the ebb of life unstoppable
brings flap to the unflappable
for some have flown too soon

fate or simply gravity
lost in the depravity
fervent chirping of a loon

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sweet petrichor

oh my sweet desert petrichor
essence of creosote
knocks at my door
into my day you float

the breeze brings me bliss
afternoon acacia shade
the rain is your kiss
upon my body played

breeze dances with trees
azure skies deepen in hue
bands of sky tied in sheaves
skywaves bring midday dew

your aroma cedes
to a refrain of rain
as each cloud pleads
to join the refrain

a millifortnight downpour
the sky flows in the gutters
and some inside on the floor
as i’d left open the shutters

rain swiftly subsides
to wherever it hides
the glow reappears
as if paid in arrears

again my sweet petrichor
scratching at my door
i give you a smile
hope you’ll dwell for a while

but that orb in the sky
bakes your fragrance away
into the ether you fly
I’m grateful you’ve blessed my day

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feel the flow

there is a time for rhyme
there is a season for reason
please don’t stress, just express
sometimes you beat out your iambs
like ducks in a row
behind the stanzas are gears and cams
meanings woven into the flow
yet sometimes free verse
forms the poem’s purse
write what you feel
let your heart steal the show
doldrums of dogmatic diction
would be a worse curse

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remnants of day
slowly burn away
fires of pink and peach
present their speech

vibrant colors
open like flowers
bursting on the shores
burning beauty implores

sunset is a beach
poised to preach
the sky is an ocean
potent potion

quaff this playlight
imbibe sunset’s delight
drink every hue
let it transform you

dancing with the sun
the day must run
waves upon dayshore
beckon for more

throughout the night
savor this sight
and welcome tomorrow
knowing skycean’s sorrow

from sunset to sunrise
the night sky is wise
we are its reflections
starshine’s collections

our globe is a fishbowl
floating in space roll
we are fish in the skycean
swimming in this potion

let the sunset ignite you
and steep in this brew
within night’s black and day’s blue
dance in the light within you

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when writing in the rain
poems form like puddles
iamb puddles
word puddles
dancing with each raindrop
rippling with each gust of wind

when writing in the rain
as downpour patters on palms
each frond cries out
in ecstasy they shout
bathing in the brilliance
droplets pool into each sentence

when writing in the rain
raindrop melee mingles with mesquites
cacti fill their folds
drink as much as each holds
doves coo as downpour idles
corvids splash in poetic puddles

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poem names

some poems have names
as poetic titles
while often as riddles
can serve as a frame

some poems hold names
within their stanzas
pronoun extravaganzas
an anonymity game

some poems possess names
proper and dapper
of pauper or rapper
as stains for the brain

some poems change names
as they age over time
trade truth for rhyme
yet the poem’s the same

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now you

you were with me
for only nine months
but even now
years later
you living
another life
i still feel
you are a part of me
and part of me
was once part of you
but the then me
and the then you
are so very different
so very distant
from the now me
and the now you
and i wonder who
is the real now you

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Rabbit rabbit rabbit

Rabbit! Rabbit!! Rabbit!!! I hope that you have a Juneificent month of June! May all your plans and hopes, or at least a few of them, come to fruition. Wishing you all a healthy, happy month. Hoping we can work toward our more perfect world of honor and respect for every human’s sovereign rights in this month of Juneteenth and beyond!

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you are no longer with us
yet here we are memorious
thankful for your protection
though you were murdered
defending until your end
so that we may live on
though the shadow of your death
lingers always for your dear ones
for the rest of us sometimes
your memory on the fringe
like the edge seam of our flag
waving on the horizon

every day and night we are here
while you no longer with us
some take time every day
for others maybe once a year
to keep the memories
of your ultimate sacrifices
for the bloodshed some shed tears
for the liberties we hold dear
the justice you entrust with us
for balance needs both left and right
upon solid center pillar
which you have left us memorious

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