because we all are birbs flying and flitting around

it is easy for us to forget

we fly upon the same sky

and feed upon the same seed

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adore your door

as much as you may

adore or abhor

the days that came before

would you truly say

today’s an utter bore

just makes you want to snore

when tomorrow comes a’knocking

like a raven at your door

do you shout nevermore

when tomorrow comes your way

have you a clue what’s in store

can you look beyond the door

do you run away

from what’s washed ashore

afraid of what came afore

or do you invite it to stay

fling open your door

and welcome in more

do you seek out worlds

in which to play

create what you adore

invite more evermore

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the droning of the drizzle

makes my hair slowly frizzle

but if the downpour hits my head

when i should’ve gone to bed

my hair will go completely straight

unless it’s tied up in a plait

the splendor of januarain

tippy taps its friendly refrain

some splash in all the puddles

while many birds flock in huddles

the morning clouds have given way

to resounding januarain

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elevator two

elevator two likes me

it wasn’t always so

its numbers go

gee two three

on up to the sky

before two and i were friends

at ground she stranded me

she would not take me up

nor even down

i still do not know why

eventually we made amends

in time two came around

agreed to take me

floor by floor

but still not all the way

elevator two likes me

now up and down we go

this turbolift just flows

wherever we want to be

on up to the sky

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waffles have baffles

those ridges that divide

compartmentalize the surface

into separate cells

that imprison syrup

perhaps pure authentic maple

or maybe corn-derived

offices have baffles

cubicles that provide

separate space for you and i

compartmentalize the workforce

into separate hells

some partitions we peer over

some high above they rise

imagine a grove

of oranges and apples

and a forest in which to hide

verdant trees and vines

camouflage our purpose

within each tree solitary

our secrets we confide

within the leaves and vines

these verdant tales persist

yet still their secrecy we insist

while the grove and forest

hold all that has been spoken

the trees are not awoken

what would truly baffle

if this land in which we reside

were divided like a waffle

within each cell our secrets hide

our dreams swimming in syrup

spouting mysteries by mouthfuls

why is bob eating the walls?

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remnants of rain

i did not feel you fall

but your telltale sheen

remains upon the scene

i still can hear your call

how does one explain

that sweet serenade

that lingers after the parade

dear remnants of rain

every care-placed footfall

synchronized with the refrain

within the realms of rain

the dance of time forestall

each raindrop frozen in midair

candles fast from eating wicks

clocks cease their ardent ticks

of this one moment fully aware

then with a breath rewarmed

with each new step we find

a breath of time rewind

create the world transformed

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what words may come

to weep the shoreline clean

the soul to scrub

with syncopated breath

what words may come

when plans ‘ere scuttled scoff

these dreams despoil

dark vulture caws

one must reflect

pungent propensity

unforeseen strife

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