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Happy New Year 2016

Happy 2457388.5 ≤ t < 2457754.5!!! (i.e. Happy New Year 2016! (for the Gregorians)) With hopes that you have a prosperous, productive, plentiful, healthful, bountiful, blessed, splendiferous, scrumdidliumptuous, super spectacular next orbit (year) ahead! (NB: See for a converter, … Continue reading

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from a dream within a dream i awoke but i waited breath baited before i spoke i clung to dreams fantastic spun of fabric not elastic spoken words would rescind drunk on this somnific milk delicate like asclepius silk within … Continue reading

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i wish you weren’t late it’s nearly skatey-eight if you could have stood up your date with the trawling tide of fate i could cook you some sketti garnished with rosemary and parsley we could throw some confetti and sing … Continue reading

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