oh my dear friend
beloved bob
what thief could rob
the matrix rend

your famous cackle
could surely cover
any rift in the cosmos
like too much spackle

your sarcastic smile
would render moot
the poshest snoot
with signature style

your laugh everlasting
turned beauty from gory
shining in glory
like a ghost pepper’s sting

a sun-brilliant pixel
flashing in the night
like a cylon in flight
lighting sarcastic missile

shining in glorious grace
like a burning bush
bare sofa snarf tush
and your fazed fuzzy face

your force was strong
always seasoned with wit
impassioned by any twit
your love lingers long

such glorious intensity
shone in your eyes
always bringing a prize
with your spicy tenacity

like tears in rain
such richness you gave us
your great cosmic omnibus
i cannot explain

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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