Monthly Archives: September 2020

the light

the light that shinesin the darknesssweeps the dust away it polishes the mirrorsin the lighthouseof your soul it focuses the lensesthat illuminatethe shadows this light so brightinvades the worldevery truth revealed this brilliant raidpervades this realmturns the fire on the … Continue reading

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eve of equinox

single night flower opensrevealing secret stamensclustered cereus antennaecalling to beckoning stars high hunter awaitsthe season that satessummer swelter abatesmild warmth permeates marvelous mars flowerreveals its hidden powersinging to majestic moonnew year arrived so soon fine-feathered flocksadjust their clocksas they roost … Continue reading

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recycled reams

we flew tocockatoo’s creekon pagesposing as wings many lostdusty dreamsdwell inrecycled reams myriad storiesboth bold and meekwithin the shoppeeach story sings some subjects whichwe shall not speakpre-read talesa bookworm brings Persian poemsa treatise in Greekcozy mysteriesromantic flings these tales live … Continue reading

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