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About: thirty-three and a third

Thirty-three and a third years have passed since New Year’s Eve when 1979 ticked over to 1980. 2444239.5 = 1979-12-31 2456413.5 = 2013-04-30 delta = 12174 days I have written a poem, “thirty-three and a third“, which is a non-linear … Continue reading

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thirty-three and a third

thirty-three and a third such rocking could be heard when vinyl was the word thirty-three and a third years ago tonight friends had taken flight on snowflakes in the night as the midnight neared gathered throng cheered for jockied songs … Continue reading

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blinking at Bo√∂tes antipupil around Arcturus gleams gorgeously at us antipupil glowing bright within dark iris of night such a sumptuous sight staring at celestial sclera sucked into sky’s chimera hovering in the hair of Hera living on the edge … Continue reading

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hindsight is twenty-fifteen

based on vague perceptions hollow contraceptions crystal clear reflections can become addictions hindsight is twenty-fifteen past secrets passed through a screen carried skyward on sprouted bean once revealed never again unseen the truth is out with its snarly snout miss … Continue reading

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Bent Castle Workshops – Pippoglyph II

The artists at BentCastleWorkshops (friends of mine) are funding another beautiful deck of cards! Take a look:

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you haunt me as the sun haunts the earth turn my back still you’re there shining mirth still you haunt me ’til final dusk from nascent birth i look away and soon return resolve my dearth you haunt me effortlessly … Continue reading

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On her blog, Serial Outlet, Elizabeth (Lily) Cook, posted a brilliant gemlike poetic visualization of an Hourglass. I hope you find it as enjoyable as I did.

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