synchronized witticisms

you taught me to watch closely
and to listen even closer still
for if my mind hiccuped
i’d catch only that last drop of ink
dripping from your quill

perfectly poised premises
danced effortlessly off your tongue
mesmerized i’d listen
trying to catch the branches
on which precious fruit hung

i became as a puppy
tracking the swinging pendulum
wondering what made it move
hoping it would never stop
swaying as my own heart’s drum

i became as a kitten
watching fish swimming to and fro
seeing them school
i began to drool
marveling at the wondrous show

for one swing of the pendulum
one dart of the fish
would be of utmost seriousness
indispensable morsel or gem
bestowed with wit as a wish

like the kitten or the puppy
i would track fish and pendulum
as it swam or swung
the other way
that straight-faced humor or pun

both serious and silly
slipped in with the same seductive tone
that warranted discernment
to know which way
the witty wind had blown

and while a classy solo act
when joined by lady or gent
the sport of verbal tennis
left me standing looking dumb
wondering where it went

but as i learned to listen
only then could i discern
the rich and rosy banter
you generously poured
from your decanter

yet if i was truly lost
your munificence would shine
quite gently would you explain
the background of the wit
the flavors of each rhyme

ever stylishly you added color
to the lives of those around you
such synchronized witticisms
dancing with your fashion flair
in their echoes i still hear you

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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