i saw some artisans
beside the road
honing their wares
among some rocks
they received many stares
from the passing flocks

a fine bearded man
wove metal into jewelry
from discarded wires
tiny gears from clocks
a lady cobbled shoes
from wine-scented corks

another of the clan
spun a wheel with her foot
as her hands formed clay
she had dug from the brook
the thinnest of the lot
sketched cartoons in a book

i asked of the potter
if i may sit amongst them
she smiled as she spun
nodded nearby at the ground
upon a patch of pebbles
i sat and looked ’round

the scribbler addressed me
while sketching a bird
and inquired of my craft
as i pondered the words
in still silence i sat
for this had never been heard

the lyred gent who sings
clearly wasn’t sure why
yet the girl who made rings
looked me straight in the eye
then down to my open hand
at my palm’s tiny wings
when i said it aloud
i teach people to fly

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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