fingers found their voice

many years ago upon this day
my fingers found their long lost voice
still they trembled not by choice
hiding in a dark forgotten cave
coaxed out into the rawsome light
by heartbeats skipped in fright

having slowly ebbed away
into the shadows gray
errant eros gone awry
collapsed cave’s ceiling
sealing in such vacant feeling
faint cries called for healing

reclusive fingers rendered mute
no longer deft nor astute
my fingers found their voice
impelled by long-stifled passion
propelled by pain to action
they rescued their lover from prison

i put my love on a pedestal
overlooking gardens vestal
stumbled through uneasy darkness
fumbled in forgotten pastures
caressed surfaces of silken textures
lush colors these milieus bestirs

for five day played i with my loves
evoking peahens crows and doves
searching spelunking for their voice
impelled by horrid hornets stingers
after these years still here lingers
melodies manifested by these fingers

once the stalwart dam had been breached
by water wild swift torrent unleashed
lush valley arose from the current
nurtured by the steady flow
from the melt of mountain snow
that the ocean ne’er shall know

songbirds sprung a missing octave
now transpose each fictive missive
a little oxygen i sometimes sample
when the songbreath seems not ample
inhale through my third nostril
to blaze the tempo’s glacial jungle

latent sushumnic fire ignites
fancies of ten thousand flights
fingers caress their larynx pipe
from forest plane of euterpe
weave and paint their tapestry
which no other eyes shall ever see

the only ears they aim to please
live within their own imageries
there is no mirror bottomed lake
but still these birds long to be free
to flap their wings in silent breeze
to call their voices in empty trees

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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