simply magical
shared imagination
shards of seashells
splashed upon sunset shores

we are sentient sands
seismically entangled
sharing synthetic lands
stochastically enspangled
in spots and swirly bands

we live together
on these islands of our minds
yet we are the oceans too
flowing ever together
mixing myriad minds

some claim eddies
and currents as their own
yet we are not
separate stories
seaflows on the roam

our overlaps are brindled
ideas from another forked
from one a thought is sparked
when from one it spreads
by a dozen others kindled

your spark sharply triggered
wildfires in waiting tinder
in them adeptly jiggered
hither and yon it wander
then finally finagled

splashed upon sunlit shores
we are shards of seashells
and the waves who hone them
ever working together
truly magical shimagination

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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