sweet petrichor

oh my sweet desert petrichor
essence of creosote
knocks at my door
into my day you float

the breeze brings me bliss
afternoon acacia shade
the rain is your kiss
upon my body played

breeze dances with trees
azure skies deepen in hue
bands of sky tied in sheaves
skywaves bring midday dew

your aroma cedes
to a refrain of rain
as each cloud pleads
to join the refrain

a millifortnight downpour
the sky flows in the gutters
and some inside on the floor
as i’d left open the shutters

rain swiftly subsides
to wherever it hides
the glow reappears
as if paid in arrears

again my sweet petrichor
scratching at my door
i give you a smile
hope you’ll dwell for a while

but that orb in the sky
bakes your fragrance away
into the ether you fly
I’m grateful you’ve blessed my day

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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