remnants of day
slowly burn away
fires of pink and peach
present their speech

vibrant colors
open like flowers
bursting on the shores
burning beauty implores

sunset is a beach
poised to preach
the sky is an ocean
potent potion

quaff this playlight
imbibe sunset’s delight
drink every hue
let it transform you

dancing with the sun
the day must run
waves upon dayshore
beckon for more

throughout the night
savor this sight
and welcome tomorrow
knowing skycean’s sorrow

from sunset to sunrise
the night sky is wise
we are its reflections
starshine’s collections

our globe is a fishbowl
floating in space roll
we are fish in the skycean
swimming in this potion

let the sunset ignite you
and steep in this brew
within night’s black and day’s blue
dance in the light within you

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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