i saw the leaves swirl
they gave me a chill
it’s not just the wind
but the breeze can kill

or maybe it was
just the wind after all
the leaves live their lives
but then they must fall

i steer clear of the bark
that howls in the dark
it’s just the way i walk
where the trees sometimes talk

some trees warm my heart
but these gave me a start
as i rounded the hill
the leaves gave me a chill

i made it home safely
i mustn’t say gravely
realized as i should
my house is made of wood

as i made my dinner
put the chill on to simmer
but when i got to bed
kept awake by the dread

which kind of trees
was my home made of
were the walls who surround me
made of hawks or of doves

some time in the night
i drifted off to sleep
swept away from the fright
drifted into the deep

i dreamt you were a tree
your hands were deep roots
your legs went straight up
feet with leaves in cahoots

and there i was too
growing beside you
right side up for me
my hair turned to leaves

we talked like those trees
with the bark that howls
as the breeze blew our leaves
we were visited by owls

they carried you away
as the sun rose me awake
i wasn’t a tree all day
the dream still made me shake

scenes of you and the owls
still played in my head
but the strangest souvenir
were the leaves in my bed

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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