i used to visit you
several times a week
sometimes every day
for years upon years

parts of you
i knew by heart
sweet essence of life
you would give me

i needed you
for dear sustenance
to survive and thrive
thrilled by your delights

what did i ever give you
but my daily devotions
homage to your glories
and one more thing

i traded money
for your gifts
gave my dollars
for deliciousness

but now i no longer
visit you myself
i do not pay you homage
only send my wealth

tonight i visited you
after weeks away
in for a quickie
to snatch your drugs

you felt like a stranger
who for so long
i once knew intimately
every inch of every shelf

there were always aisles
i would pass by
some I would ignore
but now you are a stranger

oh have i lost my love
abandoned my muse
forsaken my beloved
long ago grocery store

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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