never waning

the overcast
didn’t last
no more rain
in the forecast

dear midnight moon
you are such a joy
those clouds have parted
since your journey started

i venture in
to find some warmth
stick to the floor
need carpet more

the pythons wriggle
through the room
weave their strings
and numeric things

no sugarplums dance
as i drift off in clouds
the moon’s romance
sails on sans shrouds

when i peek out
the carpet is down
the hall finally finished
since the tower had drowned

six months had passed
but you always there
cycling on through
your changes a-were

hello morning moon
you still make me swoon
though i am not baying
and you shan’t be staying

i waited for you
for so many forevers
and still you watch over
our many endeavors

two nights later we see
your face visibly waning
but still feel you here
in our hearts ever remaining

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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