jet trails of jupiter

we looked skyward
toward the great conjunction
waited for day to fade
so we could see

as our blue veil dimmed
we spied the pair
this dynamic duo
of great gas giants

an airplane flew by
knitting peach and pink
jet trails in our vapor

this celestial painting
made me think
of a curious caper

east of the conjunction
the crescent moon hung
was it apostrophe or comma
or a quotation unsung

if the moon
leaves vapor trails
we have serious travails
collision barely unsprung

but does the moon
leave vapor trails
in the solar wind
does she drag a rake

and we on our iron throne
round and round
this path we take
does earth leave a wake

do we roll like a marble
in our gravity well
stirring the cosmos
weaving a shawl

does the history
of our orbits
fade into space
or grow like a scarf

each day and year
knitting more and more
as we spiral through space
with our family in dance

and the vision before us
wiped clean that tapestry
of my little mind’s fantasy

so we sang to the moon
sang to saturn and jupiter
becoming ever brighter
at the cusp of deepest winter

who dances with the moon
makes the night swoon
tracing ringlets of saturn
with jet trails of jupiter

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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