moonlight’s bay

i followed death
for a while
she did not waver
for a mile

i followed death
onto the highway
we ran the loops
into the flyway

i followed her
another mile
but my slow pace
was not her style

death pulled ahead
and went her way
i trailed behind
a stack of ladders

where their rungs led
could not be said
on and on we sped
at least i wasn’t dead

i turned off
a path to the right
headed toward the stars
at the end of night

they led me to
this lake of dreams
where starlight peeks
through the seams

before i entered
this hallowed shelter
i stood under
the canopy of beans

i stared up at
the naked moon
this final quarter
would be gone soon

death had gone her way
where i could not say
for a while i would stay
her ship gone from moonlight’s bay

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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