phyllis mirabillis

today an angel
earned her wings
when i remember her
my heart still sings

you were evergreen
dear aunt Phyllis
colorful like flowering

all your babies old and new
blessed by your grace too few knew
you shared such goodness
through and through

you served such wondrous morsels
along with stories blended through
seasoned with such spicy sass
all-flavored wit on which to chew

it seemed a style born, by George
in some ancient hallowed forge
blended to an effervescent spritzer
bottled and draft at brewery Pitzer

alas your artful wit
was but one ingredient
in your well-honed craft
within a wealth of recipes

your home was always open
whether on the hill
or on the ocean’s sill
or any home away from home

every holiday of memory
our families would meet
like flotillas form a fleet
freely flowing food and stories
…some we dare not repeat

but you made every day a holiday
blessed with your munificence
making sure all were fed
or had the comfort of a bed

one time we stayed a week
between albatross and pelican
you leash trained our errant prince
so our journey would be smooth

then you lugged a trunk of dreams
precious artifacts bursting at the seams
across the vasty glaciered themes
bringer of the blue lotus that gleamed

and through the visits by the seas
and the tempestuous tides
of countless years
you were always here

living ever in
the fifth chamber
of my heart
and here you linger still

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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