the skry

the scry is nigh
a thousand pundits wry
look to the sky
to make their rumors fly

as millions cast their votes
to foster, build, and float
clothe the cold in coats
or the opposition to smote

amidst the rising tide
some want to dig and hide
or others to deride
or just to pick a side

a kick or grope of the groin
trust of a people to purloin
but there are no sides to this coin
no separate factions to join

it doesn’t take a sleuth
to discern fiction from truth
to cast a ballot in the booth
as algorithmic as knuth

we choose between the fecal
rebranded as new taste of treacle
and the inconvenient truth
denied, belied, but true forsooth

we are the peoples
of many steeples
we need not divide
in order to decide

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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