aunt aphrodite

she sails in beauty
in the shore of night
many hear her entreaty
compelled, take flight

they throng out to space
beyond our blue womb
embark on a race
that could lead to doom

our surface is thin
mother Gaia’s loom
beyond our own skin
space has plenty room

across the black ocean
her beauty attracts
impels devotion
we forge sacred pacts

dear aunt Aphrodite
wears a vitriol veil
all melty and crushy
even space-hardened snail

drones hug the surface
harvest her wealth
stream bounty upward
with adequate stealth

great skybound ocean
of sulfuric clouds
provide ample carbon
to sentient shrouds

Venusian sailors
cruise sixty klicks up
surf upper prevailers
and there dip our cup

then comes second wave
then third and the fourth
the bold and the brave
to the Venus fleets pour’th

we drink from her beauty
albedo our fuel
reflected from sulfur
to power our schools

for those back on Gaia
we dim not the light
our aunt Aphrodite
is ever as bright

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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