wings of summer

it was way before august
when the lone locust
appeared near the door

was it a scout sent out
like that first raindrop
brazen before the storm

locust-planted seedling
sprouts like a lotus
from the mud of my mind

not a week later
another night visitor
came to our threshold

i still feel the buzz
of that sole cicada
echoing through my soul

fierce beating wings
surely set to summon
its long buried brethren

dastard dart zigged and zagged
like thrashing tuna trapped
within a shark-filled shoal

oh dear sweltering summer
still you wear your crown of thorns
prickly spires like tiny horns

battalions of bark beasties
sap-sucking feasties
set the nights astorm

bacteria rending wingsies
protect the buzzing frenzies
from stillness, silence shorn

the locusts come in swarms
desert dust swirls, devils form
pray for summer storms

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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