stardust siblings

mere minutes to midnight
lone bird takes flight
maroon moon
last quarter soon

she shines her steely stare
down from her lunar lair
a gaze to ensnare
resonates in the air

each night we tune in
to watch the sky spin
we choose her channel
on night’s grand panel

two nights never the same
last night the quarter came
our lady was high
at four dark thirty

we couldn’t see far
as clouds flirted with stars
but then the show started
as the cloud fleet parted

last night the moon queen
was dancing with mars
venus entered the scene
our sweet darling brightstar

dear venus stole the show
with her incomparable glow
until the painted cloud fleet
signaled the coming dawn

sometimes we may feel
as we watch from our peel
that we each own the sky
and through her shows fly

but we are all sky’s children
we can see it now and then
shadows of starshine’s scribblings
we are all stardust siblings

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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