night train

night train rumbles through
will the old horses
throw a shoe or two
along the long strand rolls
steady and sure it flows

we are first at the gate
we count the cars as we wait
the procession is unlighted
yet by our headlights delighted

red lights pulse upon the arms
of the gates to keep us from harms
trundling by like metal music
each car wears a fancy tunic

proudly each one wears their badge
graffiti decorates their garb
each unique though much the same
they roll so fast i miss their names

we feel the rhythm of their roll
they rumble deep within our soul
containers packed from afar
roll four flashes per flatcar

great engines haul ample tuggage
now appears the liquid luggage
cylindrical sustenance
flows three flashes per tanker

double high dockables
sit low in their wells
each vault unlockable
stories this train sells

gateful lines of waitful people
for the night train patience swells
fateful flow, parade of lifeblood
future tales no one tells

night train rumbles through
delivering for me and you
on trucks and ships and evening trains
we depend like rumbling rains

the people who pack and ship
their products on a rail-bound trip
share with us all these wares
trundling by to here and theres

the next time the gates come down
breathe deep, push aside the frown
offer up your thanks and prayers
grateful for the great conveyors

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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