beneath our butterfly

beneath the butterfly
we nap a while
you and i paired foci
imbued in
sacred shuteye

we share our dreams
under gentle wings
cruise the dream-sky
beneath our butterfly

our precious heartbeats
between spacetime’s pleats
carry us onward in peace
under safe comfortable sheets

we weep for those lives
taken away by crime
whose liberties and pursuits
were stolen for all time

people attacked
by terrorists
lives cut short
defying reason and rhyme

all humans equal
rights inalienable
fights inevitable
when justice maligned

outrageous misfortune
enacted by terrible few
sovereignty stolen by slings
pierced by arrows of crime

our butterfly weeps
over shattered dreams
her flight must resume
as the throng marches on

shards of society
holographic humanity
toward our better reality
we must build cooperatively

all feet on deck
all hands shuffle the deck
we shall clean up the heck
that created this wreck

beneath our butterfly
together we fly
learning to love
from the remnants of fire

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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