learning to listen

disaster artist paints
scary pictures of doom
taints the beauty of every bloom
sucks the air out of the room

disaster jockey pivots
on the tail of a dime
teflon coated slime
slips in crime after crime

hoofbeats spewing divots
cheap shots brewed in tallow
cheep shots riddled in sallow
seducing sirens to the shallow

volcanic cinderella
spews significant spammage
amassing untold damage
in the wake of flim-flammage

deejay tee is a terrorist act
ransoms souls just to get a react
adrenaline junkie, liberty cracked
utterly unhinged, totally whacked

daily deluge, honor attacked
spews the vitriol, free from fact
deals a marked deck, the game is stacked
decency and grace, sidelong smacked

masquerading at the ball
until the slipper falls off
pumpkins turn to grapevines
and the wine goes sour

turds of mass destruction
thrown daily at the scene
words of mass distraction
spill from the pus-filled spleen

fairy witch other chimes the bell
horny hoof’s soulful pact
comes due at the dawn
overdue imposter returns to hell

herds of mass destruction
called out for their crimes
weapons of mass dysphoria
disturbia echoes in these times

with the turning tide of solstice
let us plant and sow justice
in fertile fallow terraced
slow suffering solace

unity we can cultivate
free from caustic hate
together we share the harvest
when in one another we trust

wish not for a waveless ocean
nor for waveless amber grain
but for poetry in motion
as we work together as one

every day we listen
we begin to hear anew
each day we learn new things
from this greater freedom rings

when we see with each other’s eyes
we can cast off the disguise
together we can nurture
a truly better future

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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