teachers come in many

different shapes and sizes

some like a golden penny

full of pleasant surprises

there are those who want to preach

some who love to give a speech

teachers want to help you reach

some undiscovered knowledge beach

on the shores of new ideas

teachers help overcome your fears

sail rocky shores on newfound seas

the best captains lend their ears

teachers reach out with mind and heart

and help you find where to start

shared journeys as your knowledge guide

show you notions that like to hide

some teachers see you as peers

listen not just for questions

but also for your suggestions

such teachers are teachears

teachears also listen with their eyes

their well-trained eagle teacheyes

looking for subtle inflections

of all too often unasked questions

we are thankful for such blessings

in whatever trappings and dressings

are wrapped, those we hold dear

these beloved precious teachears

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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