fectious phage

out of the darkest depths of winter

halfway to blazing summer’s center

we swing beyond our tipping point

dance through this time that’s out of joint

the balance of our hopes and fears

the weight of countless silent years

this struggle as the climax nears

our battle with those who cause tears

we crave the days

free from too much night

now wrapped in haze

future fades from sight

trapped in a maze

walls grow in height

we pillage the neighs

despite our common plight

the wolf pack bays

at fear’s first sight

all the world’s a cage

in this global blight

the fringe fighters wage

their selfish fight

launch the next stage

oh cursed spite

we must not engage

but set this right

transcend the rage

and choose the light

fight ‘fectious phage

preserve people

with sacred oil we anoint

don guises and gloves at each point

sequestered behind each checkpoint

outside emissaries we appoint

let not greed be your steed

in isolation hold your station

in isolation we take heed

connected through webbification

we have our feverish flocks to feed

with cobbled and creative ration

united by our common need

proudly wear our new-found fashion

we need not meet face-to-face

this is how we win this race

through diligence we bring solace

for those impaired and our loss

virtually we all join hands

not skin-on-skin with sweaty glands

this is how we defend our lands

endure time’s endless scouring sands

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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