crow dread

while tending flocks unfed

coping with a flooded head

beset by crow dread

black beak released my fate

my escape may be too late

this path on which I’m led

the same though left unsaid

where he ushered the undead

closer draws the looming date

this bird my eternal mate

warning lights flashing red

hang like specters overhead

is this room my final bed

destiny sealed like a crate

in a drain trapped by a grate

this bird shall slowly shred

hopes that i may have fled

dashed as fears swiftly spread

that we are merely bait

unsettled sky, here i wait

for release have i dearly pled

such requests remain unread

yet to this am i steadfast wed

i count each day upon my slate

each step met with increased weight

as the damned lines of the dead

each passed and pastward sped

these doubts a skin i shall shed

along a new layer i will skate

toward the future i create

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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