everything counts

base ten

is not for everyone

at least not everywhen

to this day

i count in tallies

four sticks straight

then one across

they herd

in little rallies

long ago

i counted peas

now they cluster

in twos and threes

and often

tens and thirties

how can you tell

when peas have quorum

while maintaining

due decorum

with peas parading

in fantastic forum

for fluid ounces

cap a cup

at an octet

while the weighty kind

place a pound

at a hexadecet

i multiplied a march

times a three step waltz

now every dozen steps

my dance just halts

my feet are inches

my brain hiccups in faults

i tossed a bag of dice

all manner of polyhedra

they huddle like mice

who tattle and tease ya

the marbles add spice

to dicey amnesia

the ways we count

are varied like snowflakes

any problem we surmount

divided by decent breaks

we can reach any amount

from tears to lakes

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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