shoals moles foals

writing goals

are like sandy shoals

within the shallows

and depths of story

they offer moments

to come up to the surface

and survey the seas

lest one become

swept away by currents and tides

on which distraction rides

within which confusion hides

story goals

are like dermal moles

antifreckles and freckles

that dot the skinscape

that serve as plot points

along flats and curves

rising and falling verves

within scene and sequel

so that writer and reader

may navigate the story

writing goals

help foster feisty foals

those young draft horses

early in their courses

tap into the free running spirits

yet tame and train by bridle

sketchy scenes from the cradle

may your shoals, moles, and foals

deliver fruits your reader extolls

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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