like these ponds of frozen teardrops


strike as wands of chosen deardrops


woven with your band of why why zed


swollen by the news that you are dead

yet every flourish of your sticks

still burns within like a million wicks

ever dazzled by your deft tricks

beguiled by your brethren’s licks

haven’t seen youz

since syracuse signals

yet you always visit

via vinyl and digitals

forever shine you in the limelight

though your breath now hidden from sight

permanent echoes in these tidepools

swirling swiftly in our mindschools

we feel the power of your afterglow

from the first beat to your final show

feel the fury of nimble kicking feet

luscious lyrics with rhymes replete

bongos in both hemispheric zones

rock and roll these madrigal bones

with polyrhythmic sadness

yet perpetual inspirings

we bid a tearful farewell

to one of yyz’s three kings

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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