closet full of queer

on the day

the doctor’s new companion

came to stay

there was a bustle and a flurry

to rearrange spacetime in a hurry

until the stage was set so they

could calmly put on a play

for the extended fam

before the four-week stay

then with a cherry cola

the very-nearly-doctor

ushered in the flow

of some great new work

with a shine and a glow

their heart and secrets

tucked away

if only for a day

for what we see

is what we know

and we may choose

what we show

all were in good cheer

as they walked past

a closet full of queer

for sometimes we tuck away

our nature and our way

from eyes whose judgements sway

with their not-so-queer compassion

for our own brand of fashion

the good doctor

let forth a giggle

and with a finger wiggle

pushed closed the door

packed ceiling to floor

when the queer tried to pop out

and cover the visitors

shoe to snout

at the center of the place

despite the rearranging race

stood a sacred table

from which aromas of drafting

were so amply wafting

the geometry of the scenes

and how the plot careens

remained on full display

a few fingers of green vines

reached out from their confines

in the pantry full of pagan

a hundred plants so green

an ardent herbalist’s dream

tucked away unseen

oh how they craved to come

back into the light

and so it came to pass

when all was tucked away

in the closet full of queer

and the pantry full of pagan

yet with drafts on full display

that the visitors were okay

on the visitation day

but when coast was clear

out popped the queer

out paraded the pagan

and again it felt like home

and still we hope for the day

in our own ways we pray

that soon we may

keep all we hold dear

out in the clear

and every day shall be

a judgement-free day

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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