venus kissed

clouds have cleared darkening sky

brumal breeze blows through me

crispy crescent courting Venus

as the twilight glow adorns the clouds

as the brave night birds fly

algid atmosphere we breathe

chills these lungs who have sung

plucks at these colored shrouds

slender sickle cuts the sky

severs the divide

between you and i

shares a smile oh so wry

venus laughs with niece so spry

so distant in our panoply

yet so near to our eyes

as they dance across our sky

slender crescent of winter moon

luminescent orb to whom we croon

in conjunction for this brief tryst

the moon and venus nearly kissed

for this dance beholders swoon

yet tomorrow comes to soon

alas this beauty shall be missed

when crisp conjunction turns to mist

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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