twenty twenty

in twenty twenty

who do you want to be

do you have a clear vision

or is the future fuzzy

as you put twenty nineteen to bed

what desires stir in your heart

do your dreams form

like gumdrops in your head

is the year ahead

farther than you can see

with your temporal acuity

are your goals left unsaid

who do you want to be

in twenty twenty

do you have the ingredients

for your future life’s recipe

write your own recipe

gather what you need

start stirring the right roux

begin brewing your best brew

some samples may go awry

as you experiment and learn

continue making better batches

as you steer throughout the year

will future you be friends

with present day you

will you change course

and blaze new trails

will you climb the same mountain

you have been camped on

settle in a sweet valley

forage or farm a new future

in twenty twenty

who will you become

will your future become clear

who will you hold dear

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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