naked ocean

The ocean is nearly always naked

Sometimes wearing ships like earrings

Unadorned undulating writhing waves

A subject always in motion

The ocean never ceases

Or sits still for the painter

The ocean is a dancer

Arcing and dancing beneath the sky

Each swell and crest slowly spinning

Across their shimmering ball-like body

Perpetual pirouette in an ceaseless set

Ephemeral expressions adorn endless sessions

The ocean is an actor

Who plays out their drama

On a dual stage

One play for the sky and her birds

Another drama played out beneath their waves

Asynchronous acts acted on ageless pacts

The ocean is a painter

Its waves like brushstrokes

Painting at each beach

Continuous canvas of each shore

Each wave implores

Their voices a chorus

Simultaneous soloists

The ocean is a sculptor

Who carves with sand

Each canvas land

Etched as aeons slowly send

Clays and sands and flotsam

Upon the timespun lathes is land

The ocean is both choreographer

And conductor

Setting out marks and casting calls

Beckoning action of every faction

The whales dance naked beneath the curtain

Human nudes and seals wade at every edge

Mimicking the ocean’s myriad forms

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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