dear darlings

oh my dear darlings
you harvest your pollen
from ephemeral feathers
in our errant weathers

fine forests of anthers
tremble beneath your feet
one-night gardens
on which you feast

the broom of morning
whisks away the night
as the night blooms
serve as tryst rooms

oh my dear darlings
i marvel at your deftness
as you traipse through time
dancing on expiring wine

so much dancing
and so little time
you amble through air
on mercurial wings

while specters of nights past
hang in their neighboring nooks
their blackening feathers
not meant to last

we cherish these moments
we can cultivate new fruits
gathering new harvest
while honoring the past

from your endeavors
conjoined with your hosts
shall form luscious fruits
who call forth the beaks

but now in this moment
from which words are woven
there is only you
and your precious pollen

i am so glad to see you
my dear darling bees
feasting on cereus
sweet gossamer wings

soft feathers of night
shall soon close up tight
while you and i enjoy
their ephemeral flight

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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