semicolon year

you have character



real true character

but if you can forgive

a little rhyme

here’s a curious way

of counting time

for when machines


itsy ones and zeroes


each character

has a bitwise code

the invisibles

and the ones showed

a life could be counted

In joys and tears

but If we take your age

counted In years

and assign each year

a character

number Fifty-nine

is a semicolon

like the common comma

it signals a pause

with more independence

for the coming clause

continuing on

from the clause before

possibilities endless

what have you in store

and so begins the second act

the stage it set

for magic and mysteries

we’ve not seen yet

and so i hope

your semicolon year

has many triumphs

with causes to cheer

Happy birthday

Happy everyday

In your semicolon year

wondrousness has brought you here

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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