dorian the gray

batten down the hatches

and hatten down in batches

before the hateful snatches

your patterns and your patches

hopefully this twisty nasty picture

wind and rain in heinous mixture

that wicked dorian the gray

kept at bay, our lives not swept away

getting the fifth degree, categorical

is not a message allegorical

it is water, air, and temperature

yet these can sure cause quite a stir

we hope we steer clear of the swirl

the smarmy swarmy unwelcome twirl

i hope we weather this storm

like others who’ve through here torn

this impertinent pestilent child

after that tortured soul is styled

may any battering be mild

as land dissipates winds wild

cast off Dorian the Gray

and others who come to play

two more months of the season

hurricanes, such stormy treason

we hope that the waters abate

across every coastal state

we pray the winds dissipate

that this is not a storm of fate

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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