shattered sea

shattered sea

is it beyond belief

that beneath this shattered sea

our damage attacks the reef

that supports you and me

how can we not see

that our greedy reach

extends beneath the shattered sea

our sacred pact we breach

we attack the pact of love

intrude beyond the world above

into the shattered sea we shove

horrors of our rueful glove

how can we, once from the sea

who came to dwell upon the land

not hear or heed the urgent plea

how can we not take a stand

and to our aquatic cousins

we infect them with our sins

inject them with poisoned bodkins

turn away as their realm blackens

let us plunge in and find how can we

fathom what can we do, you and me

begin to make peace with the sea

join the plea to heal this shattered sea

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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