in my travels i have found

some people truly care

if pi are square

or pi are round

some people like their pi

sometimes the fruity kind

but people are particular

about certain kinds of zza

whether you spin it or roll it

thick or thin, how do you slice it

do you prefer triangulish wedges

or squares with centers and edges

do you make your pizza cheesy

or topped a little scant and teasey

do you pile on the pepperoni

or spice it up with pepperoncini

is the red sauce mandatory

or something you eschew

are garlic and basil perfunctory

and is pineapple taboo

does cilantro taste like divinity

or does it taste soapy to you

do you crave this prince of parsley

and garnish your pizza with it too

it took a pair of kiwis

one from here, one from there

it took this pair beyond compare

to make the perfect pineapplezza

many a time i have seen

pizza with pineapple toppings

often in chunks, sometimes slices

placed on top, along with spices

but pineapplezza is a bold creation

to some it is a perturbation

yet many rejoice this recipe

hope to eat it and dance with glee

and so it was the prince of Yee

who laid a foundation pineappley

of pineapple wedges a crust was made

upon papered tray this bliss was laid

with cheeses and sauces it was dressed

by olives and cilantro this was blessed

baked in the oven until hurrah

ready to eat this pineapplezza

pineapplezza so pleased the Yees

the news swiftly spread beyond kiwis

after ‘twas eaten they still wanted more

when to expect pineapplezza’s encore

would you eat just any old zza

or start with a pineapple crust

and pile on the toppings you trust

would you try this pineapplezza

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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