halfwich and demiwich

is a half sandwich

not half of a sandwich?

ambiguity makes me twitch

i must know which wich is which

which half of a sandwich

is a halfwich?

the left half of the knife

or the right?

not a halfwitted halfwich

the kind torn all haphazard

that’s just a hapwich

not a true halfwich

don’t tell me a demiwich

is even half the same

an open-faced demiwich

really isn’t to blame

wouldn’t eat it the same

if i was only half sane

fingers all a-slopping

in that demiwich’s toppings

not trying to snitch

it’s all we can do in a pinch

but that open-faced wich

is clearly a demiwich

is a tostada a demiwich

with round rigid foundation

scratching your hunger itch?

rice, corn, or bread, any suffice

so what makes a semiwich

that isn’t a demiwich

not even a halfwich

but truly semi-sandwich-ish?

i swear i’m not wacko

but it’s sort of a taco

but without a tortilla

a semiwich has bread instead

but boring round tortillas

so splendidly circular

only make semiwiches

seriously semicircular

that droopy oblong loaf of rye

load up one side of a slice

with your favorite toppings

add a little spread to the head

fold the slice along the center

soft bread becomes more benter

when head meets toe of the slice

your semiwich is quite nice

bread of another persuasion

right rectangular or even domed

straight down the center

goes the semiwich’s fold

square bread gives you choices

for a fold down the meridian

or even equatorially

turns a square into a rectangle

but if you fold diagonally

square bread turns to triangles

with two acute corners

and one that’s right

so what do you call

these semiwich styles?

equatorial and diagonal

or rectangular and triangular

no matter which way

you don’t slice it

a semiwich made with care

can be a yumwich beyond compare

but if you slice your semiwich

would it be a quarterwich

or like a fortnight folded

is half a semiwich a weekwich

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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2 Responses to halfwich and demiwich

  1. Pat Gonzales says:

    so much fun to read! thank you for this 🙂


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