mad hummer

whether autumn, winter, spring, or summer

some found my behavior a bit of a bummer

i could have been a strummer or a drummer

but they used to call me the mad hummer

within my head a soundtrack always playing

throughout my whole being permeating

lips closed, a tune ever emanating

some would say, only in sleep abating

yet often would i dwell in silence

immersed in nature and in science

then my humming held compliance

imagination and silence in alliance

over time the humming ceased

gave my family some relief

sacred humming not deceased

pulled within beneath the breach

for years thereafter

amid tears and laughter

with cloistered clambering crafters

humming hung in rafters

tucked away like years-long lent

the humming was not wholly spent

but never was it prevalent

yet the hidden hum was relevant

when the hum nearly went dark

then there came a lark

whose twittering sure did spark

the hummer out of park

just when nearly spurned

that spark that deeply burned

life’s experience has churned

the mad hummer has returned

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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