waffles have baffles

those ridges that divide

compartmentalize the surface

into separate cells

that imprison syrup

perhaps pure authentic maple

or maybe corn-derived

offices have baffles

cubicles that provide

separate space for you and i

compartmentalize the workforce

into separate hells

some partitions we peer over

some high above they rise

imagine a grove

of oranges and apples

and a forest in which to hide

verdant trees and vines

camouflage our purpose

within each tree solitary

our secrets we confide

within the leaves and vines

these verdant tales persist

yet still their secrecy we insist

while the grove and forest

hold all that has been spoken

the trees are not awoken

what would truly baffle

if this land in which we reside

were divided like a waffle

within each cell our secrets hide

our dreams swimming in syrup

spouting mysteries by mouthfuls

why is bob eating the walls?

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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