was it your intention

to buy a bit of attention

could it be preseason pretension

that deserves another mention

we are all merchants of attention

each of us buyers of contention

hawking our wares at time’s market

each tale and tapestry

woven with thread and ribbon of intention

we are masters of invention

compliant and defiant of convention

our creatives put in detention

fools freed by circumvention

we are all merchants of attention

each of us buyers of contention

stealing spicy slices of prevention

from the deli of mere mention

some have seen supposed revelation

within the valley of validation

seeking elusive redemption

from the dozen dams of damnation

playing roulette with casual abstention

while any serious suggestion

from the rivers of rapture

dastard dams had sought to capture

broken free by avalanche of attention

from languishing lakes of retention

rage the rivers of redemption

are you still selling sweet seduction

of the powers of deduction

is the new deluge of division

fomenting furtive fiction

murmurs of introspection

the nymph sees in its reflection

placid waters despoiled by suction

as the wells of deep induction

run dry from dereliction

when they hear a benediction

at the market of fact and fiction

have you bought some fabled friction

have you dabbled in inclusion

ignited sustainable new fusion

are you selling an infusion

brewed of myth and rapt illusion

are you still seeking absolution

wrapped in riddles of confusion

how have you woven your intention

in mantras wrapped in repetition

where do you hold your attention

when you need an intervention

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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