did we devise divisive devices

or did these branches of this forest

sprout from latent seeds

planted long ago

buried by silt and snow

every expert offers advices

some are fluid like wind blown leaves

some trees lean with the breeze

and others are deeply rooted

in compost of ages passed

a whippoorwill calls and entices

birds of various feathers

to congregate at its tree

another sings a song that enlightens

some squirrels and birds

gather near, with twigs and berries

some bring empty beaks and cheeks

while others drag all they can carry

many roost within ample branches

fur and feather, scales and chitin

all who dwell here join leaf and lichen

as solemn sun

sets on moonless night

the many as one

rekindle lost light

within each soul

and from each troll

the fires of storied lives

ignite the night

and from the forest set ablaze

a ring of watchers

fight through the haze

not to help our tangled forest

but to roast marshmallows

upon our woes

yet as all forests

soon shall do

the smoke of grief

fire-parched tears of loss

our ash of regret

shall in time turn

to fertile ground

for another round

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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