one foggy day last january

i ran into a gnome named gary

out looking for his sister larry

down in front of the cash and carry

asked me if i had change to spare-y

told him i had some cents, but nary

chatting with gary did i tarry

from nowhere flew godmother carrie

she wore more faces than jim carrey

then from the store came sister larry

along with twins jerri and terri

with bundles they could barely carry

we passed a cop whose badge read harry

he eyed suspicious us nefari

and passersby seemed very wary

perhaps it was our clothes, quite flarey

we ducked into an art gallery

enclave hip, trendy, self-awarey

out into dark back alley scary

we traipsed down stairs to secret-lairy

of the mythic godfather fairy

dungeon where artists thrust and parry

denizens of sundry affair-y

all celebrate in costumes glare-y

we ascended to lush library

chock full of books, so bright and airy

behold tomes beyond son compari

flanked by these legions literary

where trust and treatise unite contrary

a bust of pallas dressed feath-ery

so we gathered for them to marry

officiated by mother mary

within leaves of airy library

joyous tunes we could barely carry

resounded vows of tink the fairy

with gnomish gary’s sister larry

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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